Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Spy Party Game 6: Neutralize the Potion

Our secret agents learned that the love potion was powered by something that needed to be neutralized in the previous game (5).  They fled our house quickly to the BIOHAZARD station.
At the BIOHAZARD table, our spies discovered that one of the symbols on the table had hidden instructions. They used their magnifiers to read the message.
The first step in the instructions was to empty the test tube of secret crystals into the bowl (two tablespoons of magic snow powder).
Next, they emptied two quarts of water in the bowl.

As they stirred, the water turned into snow!

The snow would be the perfect thing to cool down the "hot" love potion crystals.

First, they had to get ahold of the crystals. They knocked them off energy towers with water beams.

A photo of the crystals, water shooters, and energy beams in better light...

Crystals were collected and neutralized in the snow.

The secret agents were relieved that their mission was complete, until one of them noticed that the crystals were guarded by evil looking robots....

On the backs of the robots were more tiny messages:

You should have minded your own business!     
Now your business is mine!
BEWARE, Knucklehead!     
Something is ticking in the kitchen.                               
Go to the kitchen to have a blast!
This ain’t over yet!   
YOU will soon be Bits and Pieces!  
Your agent skills are DYNAMITE!


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