Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Spy Party Game 7: Find the Dynamite

Clues (robots) in hand, the Agents raced into the kitchen.  Sure enough, they found a stick of dynamite surrounded by mini TNT bombs hiding in the oven!  The agents feasted on cake and lemonade until they noticed something suspicious floating in their lemonade... More clues?  WHAT COULD BE NEXT?

NOTE:  I watched the ice carefully so that as soon as the first bead was free, all the kids were aware of them (choking hazard)!

I made a jelly roll cake for the first time! It's not a cake really worthy of publishing in a blog, but perhaps it will be inspiring in that you know you can make it better!!! The wick is a thick pipe cleaner. I wanted to make black cake balls but ran out of time to run to the craft store. Yellow worked just fine though. There were NONE left!

What looked like innocent ice cubes when floating in a glass of lemonade turned out to have letter beads inside!

I made sure each glass only had one "word cube" and several plain cubes so that reconstructing the words would be easy.  The words led the Agents to a different room, a place where another "REAL" bomb was expected...

NOTE FROM HQ:  If you haven't tried cake balls yet, be forewarned, they are addicting!  You must visit the master, Bakerella, and be truly inspired!  And theoretically they are so easy...  You just bake a sheet cake using a box mix, then mash it with a half a can or so of prepared frosting, roll them into balls, freeze them for a bit, then roll them in molten candy melts and decorate.  This was my second attempt at them, but they still don't look anything like Bakerella's. I'll keep trying though! Maybe I should try in the day light some time...  :)


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