Why Finger Puppets?

A story teller in Boise, Idaho had kids make a simple felt puppet to use in their own re-creation of Billy Goat's Bluff. The magic in the air was palpable as the kids told their stories with their new friends! The puppets were small, nothing tricky to manuever. A simple over-the-finger tube shape, with yarn hair. Even the littlest children could put a puppet on one little finger.

My oldest son was about 4 then, and it was nearly Halloween. He's a gentle soul, with many fears and worries. Could I find a way to introduce him to the fun of Halloween without the scary? I invited his friends and embarked on an adventure! I made up several simple games based mostly on fall themes, then designed finger puppets as party favors, one for each game. I bought a battery operated portable sewing machine and set to work! The kids and the puppets-- it was magic again. As I watched their delight, I became hooked!

Soon it was time for my son to go to kindergarten, and I followed! I only volunteered a couple of days a month, but it was obvious that something was missing in the play I observed from many of my son's classmates. Most of their play was based on movies or video games, very little imagination. When it came time for the Halloween party, we brought puppets. The response was so overwhelming, we had to bring puppets again for Thanksgiving. Their joy fed mine, and soon I was making twenty some puppets for every holiday.

Now my older son is in fourth grade in a new land (Williamsburg, Virginia!). And my younger son is in first grade. I make puppets for both of their classes and still can't get enough of the magic...

I am here blogging to post patterns of the puppets and spread the joy!