The stories below are from REAL teachers who have put the puppets to work!  What an honor to be a teensy part of their teaching experience.  My blog-dream come true!  I truly value all the work you do for children, our future!  Thank you so much for sharing your adventure!  Long live creativity!

Mrs. Goff made dragon puppets for her class as a surprise in the end of her fairy tale unit.   Yay for her pre-K class who helped write about their adventures with  Alvin, the very sad dragon! (Thank you for all your kind words, too, Lyn!)  Mrs. Goff will be very busy with her puppets... check out more fantastic ideas here http://mrsgoffskinders.blogspot.com/2012/05/years-worth-of-finger-puppets.html, but beware, her blog is addictive!  So many inspiring ideas and fun to read posts! 

Mrs. Walls used sheep to help her class review SH blends. First, the children drew a picture of a sheep. Next, they listed SH words on their pictures. Then, they read the words to their sheep puppets. Finally, they went on a SH search in their book boxes with their sheep!  Baaaa!  Wonderful ideas, Mrs. Walls!  Thank you for sharing!

Over at Loons and Quines, two little ghosties helped little story timers enjoy a halloween rhyme!


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