Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Spy Party Game 5: Black Bag Operation

Agents were clued in to where the secret potion might be hiding in the previous game (4).  The clues sent them to another room in the house, but the room was blocked.  A dusty ventilation shaft was the only way in (use your imagination here!)...  Inside, the potion was on a platform that was well protected by laser surveillance (red crepe paper and various movement detecting toys/birds). They needed to sneak under the lasers, grab a tube of potion, and exit quickly!  Outside the room, they noticed that the potion had a strangely ominous symbol. Using their magnifiers, they read "neutralize to deactivate" below the symbol. This meant that the potion would be active unless active measures were taken to neutralize it!  They had seen the symbol on a table outside... off they went for another step in their mission!

Agents discovered that the only way into the room was through a ventilation shaft (tunnel).

Agents employed a flashlight from their spy belts to lighten their way.
Inside the darkened room, Agents found the potion to be guarded by a series of laser beams (sound sensing toys and red crepe paper tapes). They needed to sneak through the beams, grab a tube of secret potion, and exit carefully.

The potion was labeled with the "biohazard" symbol.  Underneath was tiny writing that said "neutralize to deactivate."  They had seen the biohazard symbol outside and knew immediately to head for it...

NOTE FROM HQ:  The mini keychain flashlights and love potion came from Oriental trading. My kids LOVED setting up the laser room.  Our guests LOVED this room. They came back to play in it after the party ended.  I got the biohazard symbol here, copied it into Microsoft publisher, recolored it to black and white for printing, then had the kiddos color them yellow again with markers (saving expensive printer ink).


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