Friday, February 22, 2013

Alien Birthday Party Invitation

Strap on your spacesuits and blast off to an Alien Birthday Party!

First step:  Make an invitation to be played with, showing how exciting the party will be!  Of course, you don't have to have a party to have fun with this paper craft...

alien spaceship invitation

Trace the spaceship pattern onto black cardstock, the cockpit onto clear vellum, the trim onto gold cardstock, and the spaceship front onto dark gray cardstock.  Assemble and glue (leaving space for alien to fit inside), then attach cockpit with a small brad.  Copy aliens onto green paper. Paint or glue on eyes (I used white hole punches) and sequins for decoration, if desired!  Add party details on the back (I printed them in text boxes then glued on).

Join us for an
 to Celebrate (name's) 8th
Trip Around the Sun

Tuesday, January 22th

(Last Name) Galaxy
Our address

RSVP our phone
 Our email .com

I'm happy to say the spaceships were happily received!  My favorite response was from a mom who reported that her whole clan of boys (including Dad) were seen to be playing with the invitation. 

I made several extras and a couple of new alien guys to use as decorations for the party.  

aliens and spaceship fun

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  1. I just made these last night for my sons party. I can't wait to mail them off! Thank you so much for sharing.