Saturday, February 23, 2013

Christmas Owl Felt Finger Puppets

Christmas owl felt finger puppet
One of our teachers this year LOVES owls, so we made these especially for her.   They were simple to put together and fun to hand out, on a candy cane, of course!

The pattern is free (below).  Michaels had some fun printed felt to give a bit of whimsy to it.  I found the light bulbs as a trim last year at Joann's. The feathery fringe is available at most fabric stores. 

Would you believe there is actually a story about Christmas owls? The Christmas Owls, by Judy West and Gerda Westerink was highly rated on Amazon.  However, our library doesn't have it and it is out of print.  Anyone out there ever read it?

Jonathon Allen's owl series, starring a ridiculously cute baby owl who doesn't want to be called cute also has a Christmas owl story called,  "I'm not Santa."  It takes a visit from the REAL Santa to settle a dispute between baby owl and his friends as to who Santa is... Allen does it again, has us laughing so hard we have to take a break from reading and recall our own instances of his expertly captured kid behavior.  Ever just tell someone what they want to hear to quiet them down, only to realize you should have stuck to the truth? Yup, we adults do this, too... Thanks, Mr. Allen, for giving us a great platform to discuss how keeping people happy is complicated!



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