Friday, January 27, 2012

Rustic Cupid Valentine Cuties

Little love dispersal agents for Valentine's... rustic cupid cuties!
(The perfect antidote to all the Ninja mayhem that's been goin' on around here...)

I saw angels posted by ArtMind, and they went straight to my heart, literally! I had to make a dozen! 

Here's how easy they are: 

Cut lengths of twine or jute into 15 inch and 6 inch segments.

Make some itsy bitsy arrows from toothpicks, snips of ribbon, and the hearts from a specialty hole punch.

( I used tacky glue to put them together, which dries clear, but got impatient for photographing them so you can still see the white).

Grab some wooden beads and draw faces on them. I used this Sharpie paint pen but recommend the finest point you can find.

Bend the larger (15 inch) piece of twine in two, slip on the bead, knot the end and feet.  Two knots at the end of each makes an even cuter foot.  On the six inch twine, knot just one side, then grab an arrow and knot the other.

Tie the arms around the body.

Glue the felt wings to the back of the dress felt, add the body, then cover with the other dress piece.  I used a paisely printed red felt for the wings for the fancy texture.  Patterin is below if you'd like...

Rustic Cupid Pattern
Happy Valentine's Day!

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  1. Those are so very cute, I will have to make those this weekend with the kids, I am your newest follower

  2. Those really are cute!! I love how they turned out. And I really understand with the ninja stuff. :/ Hope you have a great Wednesday! Thanks for linking these to the Valentine Craft linky!

  3. Adorable cupids! Good luck from Bacon Time