Sunday, February 27, 2011

Release Your Inner THING (a Dr. Seuss Craft)

You knew it the first time you read Cat in the Hat as an adult for your kids.... Move over Leprechauns,  Thing 1 and Thing 2 are REAL and abide in your very own household!  Especially in the half hour before bedtime. (Except at Christmas, when the Gingerbread Man makes frequent appearances, but that is another holiday...)

Then you think a little more.  Does everyone have a "THING" inside of them?  That inner urge to run, jump and break with convention?  Do you keep your THING locked up at all times?  Time to release your inner thing, Darling, it's time to play!  

I've included a sketch in the template for this craft that resembles Dr. Seuss's Thing characters, but I challenge you to make it more personal!  Draw your own "thing" for the inside of the box, and enjoy the zany that comes out.  After all, it's almost Dr. Seuss' birthday.   :)

1) red and white cardstock
2) hole punch and ruler
3) tacky glue
4) sharp knife
5) two brass brads
6) pens, colored and black

First, cut out the template and copy onto red paper. 

Use a ruler and an object such as the nail file on a pocket knife or the unfolded end of a paper clip or the edge of a coin to score the paper where it will be folded (dashed lines).
Cut out and fold the pieces, hole punch where indicated.
Add a little tacky glue to the tabs on the biggest box piece.

Press together and let dry a bit.  This would be a good time to draw/color your THING picture.
Add some glue to the box bottom piece and attach.

Use a sharp blade to make a slit on the inside rectangluar box piece.
Insert top of T-shaped piece through slot.  Add thin line of glue (side where hole of T-piece shows through slot) on sides and bottom of the rectangle piece, but be sure T piece can move up and down freely...this is how your THING will move in/out of the box).  Insert whole assembly into box and let dry.
Gather pieces to connect with brad:  hook on top, then box top, then THING picture, then T-tab.  Close brad tightly!
THING picture should be on one side of inside rectangle piece, T-Tab on other.
Close box top and mark where to put hole for second brad (inside hook, slightly above given diameter of brad).
Punch hole, insert brad, and with a bit of luck, your locking mechanism will function perfectly!  Note that with small kids, the lock-hook assembly may be more trouble than needed... simply opening the box gives the same effect. 
Use a thin black pen to add detail to your box, consulting your CAT IN THE HAT book illustrations as needed!
To give that "we're outta here" look, add some hands for your things.  For the option provided on the template, you need three hands.  Fold a small piece of white cardstock accordian style, so you can cut three hands at once.
Fold the hands, then glue them in place.  Note:  I put a scratch piece of paper under the hands while the glue dried so any excess wouldn't stick to the THINGS.
Whala!  Now go have fun with your THINGS!

Thing Box Pattern for Dr. Seuss Craft


  1. Another fun Seuss craft! Thanks for sharing the pattern and tutorial! I'm adding this to the Dr. Seuss Link Collection too.

  2. how can I get this pattern? the link says it has been taken down.