Thursday, March 4, 2010

Turn Those Clankers into Scrap Metal! (Star Wars Battle Droid Party Game)

Stop the Clanker troops from advancing!  "Clanker Bowling" was designed as a game for a Star Wars party. The party was in the winter, so we needed indoor games that would focus the interest of wiggly 4-6 year olds.  What jedi wouldn't want to restore peace in the galaxy by knocking down a battalion of battle droids?

 The mission for the jedi was to find  "detonators" (bouncy light-up star balls) that could be used to fight against large squadrons of battle droids.  The special detonators were hidden in ancient rocks (large easter eggs sprayed golden) throughout the galaxy (our dining room).

When all the detonators had been found, the jedi took turns bowling over the battle droids.  Droids were set up in our front entrance hallway, where detonators could freely bounce and only destroy their intended targets.

The jedi had so much fun attacking the battle droids, everyone took multiple turns.

Party guests got to take a clanker home with them.

After the party, knock down of the clankers sometimes included knock down of Mommy.

  Find a template, if you want to try battle droid bowling yourself.  However, I'm sure you can come up with an even neater design!  Let me know how it goes!

I used tagboard (like the kind enclosed with calendars to keep pages straight) for the arms, neck, and head.  Thin corregated cardboard (really thin!) worked great for the body and legs-- a little stiffer for support yet still easy to cut.  A brass brad  attaches the arm pieces together (hole punch the pieces first).  I used gold spray paint for the droids, Alene's tacky glue for the joints, and 3D fabric paint for the eyes.

Battle Droid Template

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