Friday, February 19, 2010

Mother's Day Kangaroos: Mama & Me!

A classic Mother and child pair, this cutie Kangaroo set will win the heart of your little one!  The joey can move in and out of Mom's pouch (connected by a ribbon).

How-to's:  Cut out and sew together two body pieces and the pouch (template below).  I find it easier to wait on cutting fingers until the puppet is sewn, otherwise matching the fingers can be frustrating! Glue on the cheek piece and add facial features with fabric paint.  For joey, glue a small and narrow piece of ribbon between the two body pieces to secure it for sewing.  Cut a small hole behind pouch in Mother’s body. Insert joey’s ribbon and knot it around a small safety pin to keep it from pulling out easily.

A perfect story for this puppet has to be Sam McBratney's, I Love It When You Smile.  Mom's little one woke up grumpy but Mom is determined to find that smile in there somewhere. Sure enough, it comes out after Mom ends up in a mud puddle and gets everyone dirty!

Kangaroo Finger Puppet Pattern


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