Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Eddy the Trout Earth Day Finger Puppets

Eddy the Trout is a Boise, ID character dedicated to help people learn about keeping the Boise River clean (Partners for Clean Water).  He even has his own Fin Club!

Eddy the Trout

If you're looking for a fish story to go along with this guy, you can't go wrong with Dear Fish, by, Chris Gall. A feast for the imagination!  Creatures come out of the ocean for a visit when Peter Alan sends them a note in a bottle while on vacation.  Eventually, Peter Allen asks the smelly lot to go back home (your mother's calling!), but the story has an open ending, when the fish ask the Allens come to the ocean for a visit.  What a great way to end, a dream inspirer!  Incredible artwork, fun words, puns to figure out and search for... I've got most of this one memorized because we've read it so often.


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