Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Tree is Nice, A Forest is Sublime!

Tree puppets for Earth Day (especially using recycled fiber felts), and Arbor Day, too!
Do you have a favorite tree story? 

Our Tree Named Steve, by Alan Zweibel and David Catrow, is my all time favorite tree book.  The story is delivered as a letter tenderly written to kids from their Dad.  A favorite tree in their yard named Steve, because the youngest in the family couldn't pronounce "tree" when they first met him, has fallen over, and Dad wants them to know before they come home. The sweetly nostalgic memories of the children growing up with Steve (the tree) overhead are kept light by the exuberant Catrow illustrations.  You just have to laugh, even as tears may be in your eyes, as Steve's legacy captivates and motivates you to read this tribute again and again.  This comforting story is truly about friendship, love, and family.  My kids, now 7 and 10, still love this story...

We received a copy of A Tree is Nice, by Janice Udry and Marc Simont from a dear friend and adored it at once.  This book is a non-fiction early reader with rich, colorful illustrations.  How telling it is that the child's perspective of why trees are nice is timeless!  Ours is inscribed to Karen, apparently a Christmas gift from Ellen and Jim in 1957.  My favorite part is the ending that encourages everyone to go plant a tree for themselves.  Hooray for trees!  Hooray for the spirit of passing good things on!

I just put The Tree by Karen Ruelle and Deborah Desaix on hold at our library.  It looks like a good one, going through history that took place during a famous tree's life (New York City's oldest Elm). I'll be back with a review soon!
Tree Felt Finger Puppet Pattern


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