Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Merry Christmas in May!

Look!  Look!  Look what arrived in my mail box!  A book of thank you letters from Mrs. Pohl's first grade!  This has to be one of the nicest things I've ever gotten...

Mrs. Pohl asked me to make some puppets for her, which I was happy to do. What an honor that a real teacher would be putting the puppets to REAL use (without me dumping them on her)!  Then she had each of her students write a personal note and collected them in a book!  Each letter is preciously sincere, letting me know which puppet was their favorite and other interesting and kind things. And they colored their letters, too!

I've already read this book a million times. Ok, maybe I'm exaggerating. Just a little. :)

This gift is a truly special one.

My intent with this blog is to spread cheer and creativity. What an honor to see that dream come true!  Many of the kids expressed that they would like to make puppets.   I couldn't resist sending them a thank you card for their thank you book, and one of these guys for each student:

My son asked, "what are those supposed to be, Mom? " I answered, "whatever the kids would like them to be!"  I checked with Mrs. Pohl first... she has supplies for her students to use in making their own faces and decorations.  I gave one to my son, too.  Holding it gently in his hand, with a soft and thoughtful voice he said, "Mom, I think these are you."  I know he was teasing me about the trim looking like my crazy hair in the morning, but he said it with so much love.  Yes, these are like me. Thank you, son.  Thank you, Mrs. Pohl and students.  

Puppets are magic. 

DIY Felt Finger Puppet Pattern


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