Friday, April 27, 2012

Weather warming up? It's construction time!  Add some hair to turn these guys into gals...
These ready for action people were inspired by the request of a kind and inspiring teacher in Grand Ledge, MI.  Thanks for all your hard work raising our future, Ann! 

Do you have a favorite construction story?  When my son was little, he could not get enough of Road Builders, by B.G. Hennessy and Simms Taback.  Looking at the reviews on Amazon, I see we were not alone!  Truck-loving kids can't put this one down. It goes through steps in making roads and identifies the required machinery.  We read it so often that my husband and I STILL know it by heart, many years later.  The most fun was changing around the names of the trucks and names of the workers and watching our little boy squeal in delight to correct us.... NO, IT'S A BACKHOE, MOM!!

Another family favorite was Digger Man, by Andrea Zimmerman and David Clemesha.  This joyfully illustrated story features a truck-obsessed big brother who ends up teaching his baby brother to be a Digger Man, too.  He rides along in his car seat!  And big brother is going to build him a park where they can play together... What great family fun, from the garden to bath tub, full of trucks!

A great take on an ABC book, June Sobel and Melissa Iwai's B is for Bulldozer gives a great twist on construction literature.  The story not only takes you through an ABC of truck vocabulary and building action, but it takes you through seasons, too.  Watching the background change as I read the story again and again gave me great relief from the business at hand, which was building a roller coaster theme park.  Happy memories from this one too!


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