Friday, May 11, 2012

Hippopotamus Felt Finger Puppet

Hippo, hippo, hooray!  Don't forget to add a tail to this guy!  A short little swishy one!

If you need a story to go along with these cuties, you MUST try Chubbo's Pool, by Betsy Lewin (yes! the famous illustrator of Click Clack Moo!).   This is a delightful tale of overcoming selfishness in a beautifully wild African setting. "GET OUT OF MY POOL," roars hippo, as he chases all the other animals out of his pool.  After all his water is gone he realizes he is lonely. He finds the other animals in a different pool, but knows he has been mean to them and so doesn't ask to join in.  Surprise!  The other animals come to join him anyway, bring water by the trunkful to fill up his old pool. Beautiful illustrations, beautiful message. I love the picture of him in the water where all you can see is his little ears/eyes poking out... The one thing I change when reading this is the name... I change Chubbo to hippo, because I'm more comfortable with that.

Owen and Mzee, The True Story of a Remarkable Friendship, by Isabella Hatkoff, Craig Hatkoff, Paula Kahumbu, and Peter Greste,  chronicles the story of a baby hippo stranded by the Dec. 2004 tsunami and his "adoption" by a real tortoise friend who happens to be 130 years old. This heart warming tale of friendship where you least expect it, and when you need it most, is most certainly a family bookshelf treasure.

Hippo goes Bananas, by Marjorie Dennis Murray, is a telephone game story with lively illustrations by Kevin O'Malley.  Hippo has a tooth ache!  As the story spreads through all the Serengeti animals, it grows and grows.  A fun read!
Hot Hippo, by Mwenye Hadithi and Adrienne Kennaway is a delightful selection from the African Animal Tales series.  How can a hippo find relief from the heat?  He seeks Ngai, who offers him cool rivers and streams as long as he promises never to eat a fish.
Ah, Sandra Boynton.  I've loved her art since I was a girl.  Just try not to smile as you read through this happy hippo counting book with your preschooler. Her illustrations are simply (pun intended) amazing!

Hippo Felt Finger Puppet Pattern