Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Ribbon Rainbow Cloud

Cheerful ribbon rainbows dangled from the lamp over our kitchen table for St. Patrick's Day (and I'm posting this in May?).  It would make a colorful add-in to a teacher appreciation basket or an easy summer sewing craft for kids.

Yay for oodles of colorful 1/4" ribbon, each just 50 cents! Sparkly glitter felt, a little tacky glue, and some silver thread is all the materials you need.  Make your own cloud or use the template below.

Stories to go with these... do you have any favorite rainbow stories?  When my kids were little.,they had two favorites.  What makes a rainbow, by Betty Ann Schwartz was super fun pre-k sturdy book because it has real ribbon inside.  Colors are added to the rainbow as you turn the page. Each page features the color that is added with other things the same color with a full rainbow at the very end.  I'm pretty sure it was the ribbon that my kids liked... the text is so-so.

A Rainbow of My Own, by Don Freeman, was a favorite bedtime story or one to read right after the rainbow disappeared. What would you do if you had your own rainbow to play with?  Dreamy illustrations invite you to keep on imagining... 

 I haven't tried Krupp's, The Rainbow and You, and it is out of print but it sure looks like a good one to answer questions about how rainbows work, their meaning in ancient culture, and even how to make one at home. Keep an eye out for this one at thrift stores!

The Rainbow Goblins, by Ul De Rico got high reviews on Amazon. A story about good triumphing over evil and the golden rule sounds like one right up my alley... Darn, library doesn't have this either!

Ribbon Rainbow Cloud Pattern

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