Monday, June 6, 2011

Spy Party Game 3: Satellite Photo Investigation

The secret agents got a clue from the previous game that more information was to be found in a wagon, likely outside. They donned their shoes and ran outside to investigate.  Sure enough, they found an envelope marked "TOP SECRET" inside a wagon overturned in the yard.  Inside the envelope was a cryptic message on a satellite photo.  There were two identical copies of the photo.

The top of each photo read, "the path to truth is rocky."  There were small stars on either side of the quotation, a clue left for the most observant of spies.  

The agents quickly figured out that the photo was of our street  One spy eventually detected two tiny stars on the photo, confirmed with the help of the magnifier from his spy belt. 

The agents divided into two teams to search for rocks in the areas marked with a star. Each team discovered a small pile of strange looking black and gray rocks stealthily hidden under vegetation in the area marked with stars on the photos.

It took a minute or two, but the agents quickly discovered that these were no ordinary rocks, these were secret message rocks!

 The outer coating of the rocks peeled off to reveal a secret storage device (plastic Easter egg).

Inside each "rock" was a carrier pigeon finger puppet, a couple of Jolly Rancher candies for extra agent energy, and a note.  The note instructed the agents to use the carrier pigeons to relay letters to the other team using special ink found at the relay station.

Note from HQ:  Type your address into Google Earth to get a satellite photo of your location.  Select the area you are interested in, adjust the features you want, and save it as a photo file for importing into Microsoft Publisher.  In Publisher, add the title and text at the top of the photo.  Insert a picture-AutoShape-Stars and Banners selection and size it down to teeny tiny. Drag the star over the place you want your agents to search.  Copy the shape and paste/drag to wherever else you need another.  Directions on how to make the secret message rocks are here.

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