Monday, June 6, 2011

Spy Party Game 2: HQ was Bugged!

Agents, it appears that our security has been compromised. I need your help in clearing the room of listening devices. Make it a clean sweep!

Two types of bugs had been planted in the room:  candy filled bugs and glass gems decorated to look like electronic listening devices.

A frenzy ensued as secret agents searched the room for the two types of bugs (candy on top of books, gem on shelf in front).
Agents quickly realized that there were letters on the bottom of the electronic bugs.  The letters were color coded to spell words in a secret message.

The bugs spelled "SAT. (for satellite) PHOTO IN WAGON."  Agents immediately donned their shoes and headed outside towards the next clue!

Note from HQ: The candy bugs were purchased from Oriental Trading. The gems and 3D paint came from a craft store. Were these a hit? The agents asked to take both kinds of bugs home!


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