Monday, June 6, 2011

Spy Party Game 4: Carrier Pigeon Relay

Carrier pigeons were once used by spies for clandestine communications.

Secret agents were given instructions in game 3.  Agents were divided into two teams.  The letters in their rocks spelled a word clue, a different word for each group that would only make sense if each team had both words. 

Each team started by writing their letters in a notebook.  While some of the members worked on figuring out what the word was, others sent the letters over to the other team. 

Letters were written on small sheets of paper attached to a clothesline and felt pigeon puppet with a clothespin.  The clothesline was attached to trees at kid height and movement of the line was facilitated by pulleys.  Everyone wanted a turn sending messages!

Letters were sent to the other team using secret agent "magic disappearing ink" to minimize the risk of the clue getting into enemy hands.

After a few minutes, the color of the ink disappears, then eventually, the wet spot, too.

The agents discovered that the clue words were:  PLAY ROOM.

Quick as lightening, they were back inside to see what adventure lay ahead...

Note from HQ:  magic disappearing ink and  rainbow spiral notepads were from Oriental Trading.


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