Thursday, January 13, 2011

Star Wars Birthday Party Game: Light Saber Skill Test

Of course, if you were hosting a Star Wars party outside, light saber games are easier (see light saber bubble duel post).  For inside games, we have to get more creative.

In this test of skill, Jedi must carefully (gently!) steer a balloon through the hallway without popping it.

Inside the balloon was a surprise... A beautiful swirled shooter marble that I obtained from ebay. Hint: to get the marble inside the balloon more easily, coat it lightly in powder.  The weight made the balloon stay near the floor when the Jedi "steered" it.

After completing the loop, the Jedi could pop their balloons to retrieve the marbles inside.  I called the marble a "starship engine."  They would be used in the next game, starship dogfight!


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