Thursday, January 13, 2011

Star Wars Party Game: Star Ship Dog Fight!

Our Jedi Mission:  to successfully pilot a starship in a dog fight!

To make the starships, I printed and assembled simple templates I found on the internet (I'll post links soon).  This took a little time!  I made extras to hang as decorations at our party table.

I cut a circle in the bottom slightly larger than a shooter marble.  Jedi obtained "jet engines" (shooter marbles) in a previous game (light saber skills training).

Jedi placed the ship on top of the shooter marble.  Giving the ship a slight shove, the ships glided easily across our coffee table.

In our game, the last ship on the table won the dogfight.  However, all Jedi pilots received an R2D2 finger puppet for a reward, in addition to their engine and starship.

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  1. oh please,please do share the link of the starship temp,i'd appreciate so much,my son loves starwars. thank you :))