Thursday, January 13, 2011

Star Wars Birthday Party Craft: The Jawa Droid Factory

We created a quiet area for our Star Wars party in case someone needed a break from the chaos by creating a DROID FACTORY in my son's bedroom.

I purchased a bag of colored foam packing peanuts (from craft store) and set it on my son's cleared train table along with a bowl containing a wet sponge. The kids could make their own droids by wetting the end of the packing peanuts on the sponge and sticking them together.  I had a few marking pens available for making details.  I hung a few large photos of droids on the wall near the table for inspiration.

I also supplied Star Wars coloring sheets (free from internet sites) and pens.

Droid builders were awarded Jawa finger puppets!

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  1. I just saw small packages of these craft noodles at the $1 section in the front of our local Target store...