Monday, October 20, 2014

Mummy Madness! Felt Finger Puppets

Are these cute little mummies ready to scare, or coming for a hug?

To make them, cut cheesecloth into 1/2" strips.  Wrap your mummy shape with the strips before sewing. Glue on a little pom pom for the nose and use fabric paint or google eyes for the eyes. 

A story to go with it?  Maurice Sendak has a monster pop-up book:

For a humorous counting read-aloud that adds a little Egyptian learning along the way, try Ten Little Mummies, by Philip Yates and illustrated by G.Brian Karas. The illustrations are darling!  Makes me want to try drawing mummies, too!

Or from the feline perspective:  read about the clever Mummy Cat, from Marcus Ewert and Lisa Brown,  both from the story and in the murals on the pages, a story within a story!  Complete with hidden hieroglyphs? Can't wait! Not coming out until July 2015 though...  

A clever parody for Runaway Bunny fans from Michael Rex is The Runaway Mummy...

And there is the unique, rhyming WORKING MUMMIES (by Joan Horton, illustrations Drazen Kozjan)...  

But for curious little ones that might have a lot of mummy monster questions, try I'm All Wrapped Up by Shannon Knudsen and Renée Kurilla.

Happy Halloween!


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