Monday, September 8, 2014

Captain Hook Felt Finger Puppets

Talk Like a Pirate Day?  All the info you need is right here:

Though I wasn't sure if I could come up with yet another pirate puppet design, 
along came Captain Hook!  The hooks are earring hooks:  bent, cut,
and hand sewn into the sleeve.  Ahoy matey!

New books on pirates abound... I haven't reviewed these, but the titles are
intriguing. Captain Hook meets Santa?

Mutiny at bedtime? Yes, like every night!

Do hungry pirates love pizza?

What happens to a pirate's bed when his boat crashes at sea (the
pirate escapes safely to a tropical island)?

Are pirates immune to Christmas spirit?

And can a young scientist make peace between his two best friends at his birthday party? What if those best friends are a pirate and viking!!!



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