Monday, September 30, 2013

Spooky Halloween Eyeball Flowers

It started with inspiration from pinterest.. Jess posted these last year and they look so interesting! A perfect combination of ease, thrift, and coolness!  

Jess at The Pumpkin Carver cleverly used items she had to create this creepy coolness, and made a great tutorial for it.  However, I neither eyeballs nor old sunflowers in my craft stash.  I looked for eyeballs at a couple of stores and couldn't even find any.  However, I found a pretty good substitute to share with you:

Instead of round eyeballs and hot glue, I used halloween colored google eyes and craft glue.  

I'm thinking this would be a great Halloween party craft for school.  Fall flowers are at bargain prices right now, and googly eyes are cheap. Frugal and easy fun!

Happy Spooky Halloween!


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