Saturday, June 15, 2013

Farewell, Mother Tree!

The huge old oak in our "backyard" (actually, the neighborhood's greenbelt) stood out among its peers. The boys named her "mother tree." She had a grand departure last night, taking down a half dozen other trees with her while she managed to close down a cross road for a bit. We have mixed emotions... so sad she is gone, empty for the capriciousness of the violent storm, so grateful she didn't fall on our house, and humbly appreciative for the abundant new play opportunities and firewood she will provide. It is a marvel to wonder what all she witnessed in her lifetime. A glorious golden light is falling on her remains through the new hole in the tree canopy. Farewell, Mother Tree.

Afterwards, we took a bike ride to see the gorgeous rainbow that hung around for a long time. It was so ironically peaceful to see all the neighbors outside, talking and playing together.  Maybe we should schedule pretend "power outages" to bring back community spirit...

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  1. So sorry to hear about your tree! When I saw this post, I immediately thought of the book "Our Tree Named Steve" by Alan Zweibel and illustrated by David Catrow. I hope you can find it, because I think it may be comforting.

    Thank you for your blog! I discovered it a couple months ago & have loved it! I am an Assistant Youth Librarian and do preschool storytimes. I was recently in a bit of a funk, feeling used-up and out of any creative ideas for ST themes. Your blog and finger puppet patterns saved me! Now I am recharged, uplifted and excited to make more finger puppets and do ST again! I recently made the astronauts and aliens in spacecraft.

    Thanks so much!! Keep up the good work!