Friday, December 23, 2011

Wine Cork Tree

This idea was posted on Stonewall Kitchen.  Just darling, so I had to pin it to my Christmas board on pinterest so I wouldn't forget!  It looked simple enough... a bunch of corks, some paint, ribbon, wood pieces.  Hey, I wouldn't have to buy anything!

Finding a stick 2" in diameter was no problem in the woods near our house. Finding a straight one, especially one that would be straight after my handsaw attacked it was a bit more difficult!  I just did the best I could and vowed to make it do with gobs of hot glue.

I painted corks first, though the original directions say to decorate and paint afterwards.  I thought I'd add more flair to it later. Of course, I haven't gotten around to it!  Start with gluing the bottom row, and add more layers as you go up, alternating colors. My tree is bigger the original... just seemed to need more layers to balance with the stem.

I couldn't find anything precious to top the tree so I made star from gold paper (template below).  Merry Christmas!

3d Paper Star


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