Monday, October 17, 2011

Halloween Craft: Cork Skeleton


Feeling a little corky? I mean quirky? It could be that all trouble you've been gettin' into has gone deep into your bones.... A few glasses, oops, I mean bottles, may get you on your feet and runnin'!

Skeleton man was made from 11 wine corks and one champagne cork (skull).  His backbone is a bamboo skewer fitted with pony bead vertebrate.  His hands and feet are cut from the ends of Popsicle sticks (the rounded kind, like from Healthy Choice/Cove/Haagan-Dazs) and his shoulder blades come from a piece of straight, narrow Popsicle stick.  To connect his bones, half paperclips were inserted into each side of the cork then connected with small rings (jewelry section of craft store).  His hands and feet are hot-glued onto white twisty ties so they can be positioned. 

One of these days I'll remember to pick up a small eye screw for the top of his head so he can dangle properly.  For now, he's just hangin' around.

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  1. I love your cork skeleton! That is adorable and so creative.

  2. So cute! I love it!

    Found you on Tip Junkie.

  3. I love this!... and what a great excuse to indulge in a bottle of wine.