Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mermaid Felt Finger Puppets

Ahoy, Matey! These little mermaids are ready to party with the pirates! They would make great party favors.  Add some more bling for fun, such as a necklace, or sew a small shell in their hands. 

How to's:  Trace the template below onto your choice of felt colors. Cut out pieces and hold together with a small dot of tacky glue for sewing. I found pink fringe in the clearance section of the fabric store to adorn the front of her dress. It was sewn on with the body.  Cut her nose from small scraps felt and use fabric paint for eyes and mouth.  For hair, knot together a few short lengths of yarn and sew to the top of her head.  I used three strands of thick yarn then unraveled it to add volume.  

With no little sisters in our household, I haven't ever read a mermaid story so have no suggestions here! Maybe a reader could let us know their favorite?  These cuties are a product of finding the pink trim first, then seeking a companion for the pirates.

Have fun!

Mermaid Finger Puppet Pattern

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