Thursday, June 16, 2011

Summer Party Parrots

These guys are all set for Kindergarten Luau! I made the shoulder pattern extra wide so they could fold over before sewing to give the wings a more 3D look.

Free Parrot Felt Finger Puppet Pattern

A great story to go along with this puppet is Rosa's Parrot, by Jan Wahl and Kin Howard.  Wahl's magical and clever story of a human/bird friendship is illustrated with rich artwork. Pico the Parrot helps Rosa, who is hard of hearing, by repeating things for her. Being a parrot though, and possessing the ability of a great and LOUD mimic, he can't resist getting into a little trouble at the market. Rosa figures this out, of course, and is not happy with him. It is not long, however, before all is forgiven and the two are sharing hot chocolate together.  The universal theme of friendship in a setting of overcoming a human disability (hearing loss) make it a great and unique choice for anytime.


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