Saturday, June 18, 2011

Spy Party Piton Gun Decoration

Remember the opening scene in the James Bond movie, Golden Eye, where James escapes from the ledge of a giant dam using a special piton gun?  The gun had a grabber attachment and a cable...

We used these for decorations at our spy party instead of streamers.  Paired them with black balloons and silver garland for that secret agent theme..

Use the free template below...  Trace onto black paper and cut out. I used two gun pieces, gluing the string in between the copies.  Slit the grabber pieces on the dotted lines and slide together to get the 3-D effect.  Glue the other end of the string along one side of the grabber, which will reinforce the slits (with the glued string).

 NEWS FLASH!  I have some of these from our party available for reuse if someone could use them...

Piton Gun Decoration for Spy Party


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