Monday, June 6, 2011

Spy Party Moles -- Felt Finger Puppets

Mole:   A spy who operates from within an organization, especially a double agent operating against his or her own government from within its intelligence establishment

Mole Felt Finger Puppet Pattern

Beyond a spy party, if you haven't read Mole Music, by David McPhail, consider our highest recommendation...We can't get enough of this good-for-the-heart, sweetly illustrated book!  There are two stories in one... Mr. Mole, below ground, grows tired of watching television and orders himself a violin. It takes a long time to arrive, and an even longer time to learn how to play it right.  Eventually, he plays better than the musician that first inspired him on TV, only he doesn't know it.  On the top half of the page is what is going on in the above ground world.  A little oak tree almost dies when it first hears the mole's music, but eventually grows to a profoundly beautiful tree as mole's skills improve.  Mole wishes he could share his music with someone, then laughs at himself. His music though, reaches people above him. Streaming through the old tree, it is his music that stops a war between two peoples right in the moment of conflict.  His music brings peace to the world, without Mole even knowing it!  I LOVE this story for reminding my family of how our actions can have an impact on the world far beyond our own limited vision.  My kids love this story too, we've been re-reading it for 7 years! I should have gotten a hardcover version!


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