Thursday, March 17, 2011

Rainbow Surprise Leprechaun Trick

The leprechauns who visited us last night left an extra special surprise for the boys...


The boys followed their treasure map which showed a rainbow inside the house... After a bit of frenzied searching, they found a rainbow on the freezer door.  Sure enough, there was a rainbow surprise waiting inside!

The leprechauns had frozen a lego hero factory set inside a rainbow of colored frozen water (along with some shamrock confetti)!

The boys had to melt the ice using hot water to free the pieces and build their prize.  This was at least as much fun as building the set in the first place!

Clever leprechauns!

Of course, this doesn't have to be a St. Patrick's day activity. It can be fun any day!  Use any of your child's plastic toys and omit the food coloring, if you like.  Plastic animals or dinosaurs work great!  Excavating them from the ice will keep little hands busy for a long time...  :)


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