Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentine's Day Classroom Activity: Smooch Print!

Looking for a simple activity for a home or classroom Valentine's Day party?  How about making a keepsake smooch or fingerprint heart?  You can do this a couple of ways:  using bright red lipstick or ink/fingerprints.

First, you need something to "kiss."  I glued pink paper hearts on valentine's doilies and outlined the hearts in gold glitter.  However, any heart shaped paper would do!
Next, you need something to make a print.  Bright red lipstick or a washable ink pad.  If you are going to use lipstick, be sure to have enough applicators (q-tips) for each kid to have their own (germs!).  A small mirror was a great help for kids to see how they looked.  They were VERY curious!   For kids that didn't want to try on lipstick, a cute heart shape can be made by connecting two fingerprints in a "V" shape.

Kids can take home their special heart or smooch print after it dries. Moms will love these special treasures!  One mom in our class laminated hers (and ours, thank you!) so we keep them in our Valentine's Day box and bring them out once a year to enjoy! 


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