Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentine Love Bug Flyer Game or Craft

Craft cute love bugs as decorations for your Valentine's Day celebration!  All you need is a paper tube (toilet paper or sections of paper towel tube), colored paper, glue, paint, paper, scissors, and/or marking pens to decorate. 

I've posted a template below for easy use, so creating these with your little ones will be a snap.

Valentine Celebration Hint:  Put a small prize inside the tube and hang the love bug where he/she is sure to see it on Valentine's Day.  Or, insert a bamboo stick into the bug, hide a prize (love note, or clues leading to a prize) inside, and place inside a vase. 

Creation Hints:  Use a Q-tip to paint small dots. Works especially well for eyes... add black pupils with Sharpie after paint dries.

Valentine's Game:  Love Bug Delivery!

You'll need one love bug flyer and a 12 foot (or so) length of string per two players. 

1)  Thread the string through the tube on the love bug and have each player hold one end of the string. 
2)  Have the players stand far apart so the rope is taut. 
3)  Have one player raise their string holding hand high and the other player hold their string holding hand near the floor.
4)  Slide the love bug to the upper end of the string and let go!  Gravity will "fly" it down the string towards the other player.
5)  Players take turns raising/lowering their string ends to fly the bugs between players (bug will fly backwards in one direction)
6)  Once players get the hang of flying, add a small treat to the cardboard tube and see if they can deliver it to the other player without dropping it. 

Valentine Love Bug Flyer


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