Thursday, February 17, 2011

Make a Flying Falcon- Paper Tube Craft and Game

Here's how to make the falcons we used in the falcon game at our knight party.

1)  Paint a paper tube gray (4.25 inches).
2)  Print out template and trace wings, head and tail onto gray paper
3)  Glue on tail and head using tacky glue. Use a rubberband to hold it in place while it dries.
4)  Glue wings on back and let dry.
5)  Trace feet template onto heavy tagboard, cut out, and paint yellow.
6)  Cut slit in bottom of tube that is slightly narrower than top of feet (about 1.25 inches).  Notch both sides of feet piece where indicated and bend in to insert into tube.  Unfold when feet are in the right place/tube is inside the notch. 
7) Reinforce feet/tube connection with tacky glue or hot glue.
8)  Hot glue magnets onto bottom of falcon feet.
9)  Paint additional features on falcon (beak, eyes, tail stripe, etc.)
10)  Bend/curl beak a little to give it a predator's curve.

Falcon Template For Paper Tube Craft and Activity

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