Friday, February 18, 2011

Knight Party: Dragon Fire Game & How to Make Fire Balls

Oh, no!  The friendly dragon that lives near our castle has lost his fire!  The dragon is feeling sad and grumpy!  Are there any brave knights that could deliver fire back to the dragon and save the castle? 
In this game, knights attempt to throw magic "fire" balls (from Merlin, of course!) into the dragon's mouth.  Dragon Finger puppets for all who attempt the brave deed!  Our puppets were hidden in dragon eggs (jewel easter eggs) with a couple of packages of smarties.  I had a helper secretly hide them while we were busy flinging fire...

Don't give me too much grief over the dragon... It was 10pm the night before the party and I still hadn't figured this game out.  Luckily, we had a supply of boxes, hot glue, paint, and imagination!  With more time, I would have made the dragon's face cuter!  As usual, the kiddos loved it anyway...

The photos don't do the fire balls justice!  They look really cool flying through the air with their flames dancing around. I will definitely be making these again.  Needed them for my son's space party a few years ago (COMETS!)...  Making these inspired the peek-a-boo groundhog puppets.

How to make fireballs

Materials:  shiny fabric (gold/black on back), red fabric (flannel remnant), ribbon (orange, red, and two kinds of yellow), bouncy ball

Now, insert bouncy ball!

Throw your flame!


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