Thursday, January 13, 2011

Mini Lightsaber Photo Key Chain Favor for Star Wars Birthday Party

Here is a fun favor idea for a Star Wars themed birthday party:  A mini light saber key chain!  To make this, you need:

1) craft glue, hot glue gun, wire cutters, & scissors
2) green coffee stirring straw (small diameter)
3) 3-4 pony beads (gray and white)
4) metal paper clip
5) lanyard clip (from craft store)

Trim the straw to about 4 inches.  Put a little tacky craft glue on one end of the straw and slide the beads on.  Allow to dry.

Unfold the paper clip by grasping the inner loop and extending it.  Trim off the smaller loop so that you get an elongated U.  Pinch the tails together.  Add a good dab of hot glue and insert into straw.  When dry, add lanyard clip.

To use as a party favor, I scoured the internet for photos of Star Wars characters that related to our party games.  I shrank and cropped the photos so they all were approximately 1"x1.75".  I wrote the name of the character on the back of each photo, laminated the photos, and punched a hole in the corner. 

After each game, the kids collected a photo or two for their key chains. The promise of the photos got them centered and back together after each game (they had to return to the Jedi Council, see Star Wars Party Idea post).


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