Thursday, January 13, 2011

Indoor Star Wars Birthday Party Idea: Jedi Council

Trying to imagine how you might host a party of 10 4-6 year olds indoors for a winter Star Wars party?  We have a small house where most of the games would need to be played in the same room or adjoining hallway, so I needed an effective way to corral the kiddos between games.   What worked for us was to set up a Jedi Council area that could be quickly picked up and placed again as needed.  The seats on the council were simply gold or black felt squares.  The birthday boy got to sit on a small child's chair (green, in front row) for a place of honor. 

Having two colors allowed me to quickly divide the group into two teams when needed, black and gold. 
After each game, the kids returned to their council seat and quieted down to collect photos of Star Wars characters.  I learned this trick for motivating preschoolers from the Boise Zoo preschool program, where kids collect photos of animals they learn about after each class to put on a metal ring.  The kids were so proud of their collections, and so eager to earn more, that I guessed the technique could work at a party. Indeed, it worked great!  Once they were quiet, I could give them background and instructions for their next game.


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