Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Gingerbread People Felt Finger Puppet Christmas Craft

Making gingerbread cookies is great family fun that has been a tradition for many generations. At home or in the classroom, these puppets go great with the many versions of gingerbread man stories that will last long after the cookies are gone!

These little cuties are really simple to sew. Just cut out two body parts for each and either a hat or hair from the template below.  The gingerbread girl has lace (by the yard) and the gingerbread boy has ric rac (sold in small packs, near sewing notions).  Lightly the lace or ric rac before you sew.  Sprinkle a little gingerbread spice (ginger, cinnamin, cloves) into the fabric just for fun, because smelling the sweet cookies is at least half of the fun! Use some 3D fabric paints to add faces, holly or other candy like features. 

Sure you can tell the gingerbread story by heart. My kids used to love to play gingerbread man at night when it was time to go to bed (can't catch me!)... Check out some of the new versions of the tale below:

I haven't read Kristin Keadstrup's Gingerbread Pirates but it is on our wish list! The cannibal... Santa Claus? Of course! But how oh how will this story end? I sure hope our library has this one!

 In Jan Brett's Gingerbread Friends, our self-assured gingerbread cookie gets a lesson on the power of friendship! Lovely illustrations and super fold out page. 
It takes a clever girl to outsmart the fox... Lisa Campbell's Gingerbread Girl is a must-read for any gingerbread lover.

Gingerbread Finger Puppet Pattern


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