Sunday, July 10, 2011

Ants! Ants!

These little pests may actually be welcome guests at the summer picnic!

Fun to make for party favors or just because!  Great with insect, garden, or Earth Day themes, too!


Use fabric paint to add eyes and smile. 

Use metallic, sparkly cordage for legs and antennae.

Cut 3 lengths of cord that extend through body to other side to get 6 legs when sewn together.  Adhere cordage to back of ant's body with a bit of glue prior to sewing to help hold legs in place.

Ant Felt Finger Puppet Pattern

Our favorite ant story stars leaf cutter ants and a grouchy cockroach.  It takes a master story teller for us to develop empathy for such creatures, and Janell Cannon (Stellaluna) is just the one in her tale of Crickwing.  After being picked on by other animals, Crickwing (so named because an injury twisted his wing) turns to pass the injustice on to creatures smaller than himself.  However, the leaf cutter ants turn out to be tougher than he counted on as they tie him up as an offering to army ants!  In the end, the leaf cutters release him at great risk to themselves, thinking that even bullies don't deserve that sort of treatment.  Crickwing returns their kindness and helps the ants defend themselves in a grand way.  A gorgeously illustrated tale that reminds us of the power of compassion!   

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  1. these are great! so nice to "meet" you and thank so much for sharing on Craft Schooling Sunday! I hope we'll see you again soon!