Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Alien Finger Puppets

These were the aliens hiding in a darkened room during our space birthday party. I used glow in the dark paint so that under a black light, their features really lit up.  Fun!  I normally prefer not to use google eyes because they can fall off so easily and become choking hazards, but for the one-eyed guy designed by my astronaut son, we just had to try it!  The eyeball has stuck on for several years now. Gotta love tacky glue!

Alien Felt Finger Puppet Pattern

Space Case, by James Marshall, is a light hearted tale of an alien that visits Earth.  Lucky for him, it is Halloween, so he fits right in. He even gets invited to sleep over!  He has great fun with his new Earthling friend, and helps him with his science project before he heads home.  Great for bed time by tickling that "what if" imagination!

We can't give Alexis Deacon's Beegu enough praise.  This is one heart warming alien book for little people and the grown ups that love them!  Beegu is estranged from her family when her spaceship crashes. The story is about her adventure on earth as she seeks new friends that mostly find her strange and unloveable. Her refuge is the children, who adore her, of course! Her parents eventually find her and she recounts the whole tale to them. My kids especially love the recounting as it is told in alien language, little pictographs of her whole experience.  The words are few, the feeling is deep. Beegu will miss the little ones, the story goes, but we all end up carrying her in our hearts after reading this story!
Confessions Of A Stay At Home Mommy
Confessions of a Stay At Home Mommy


  1. Cute and fun to do! You can pretty much do anything if you want to make monsters, because they come in all looks and as long as they don't look human, they can be considered monsters. :-D

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