Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ninja Party Skeleton Bowling Game

Go ahead, make our day!

Due to some issues with weather (predicted thunderstorms!), our ninja party had to be moved from mostly outdoors to mostly indoors.  So, we needed an indoor nunchuck game.  Alas was born the Ninja skeleton nunchuck bowling game:  set the skeletons up in the hallway and have the boys slide their nunchucks across the floor to knock them down.  Fun! 

First, I collected a dozen paper tubes (thanks to bus stop parents!) and sprayed them gold. The shiny gold was a really nice touch- can't quite capture it with my amature photography skills.

I made a template of the skeleton (below) and copied it onto white tagboard (a package of christmas gift boxes on clearance for 99 cents). It took quite a while to copy, cut out, draw on faces (Sharpie), and assemble them!  Recognize the Ninjago skeletons that I used for design inspiration?  The boys sure did.  Shrieks of jubilation!

I hot glued each skeleton to a golden tube to help the skeletons stand straight and also so I could stash a prize inside, loosely wrapped in white tissue...


These skeleton boxing pens were an ebay find.  They are still listed!  Discounted to 50 cents a piece, they really work well.  We used them in the next game to box ping pong balls into a lego pagoda on our train table (more on that later).  The nunchucks, pens, bowling, and skeletons were all a big hit.

Ninja Skeleton Pattern


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