Monday, January 7, 2013

When a Dragon Moves In

Nothing quite warms up a wintery bedtime than a beach story!  Gonna add When a Dragon Moves In, by Jodi Moore and Howard McWilliam, to the dragon puppet page but am putting it here first.

This is a cute story about fun times at a beach, written in a lively "If you give a mouse a cookie" style.  The usual topics are delightfully illustrated to spur on your own beach memories, such as building a castle, looking at tracks, swimming, eating, throwing sand, kite flying, book reading, and sibling rivalry. The fun is the dragon part and all the happy and detailed illustrations...The dragon is in all the scenes playing with the boy and defending him, but  is it real (yes! according to my younger son) or just his perspective (yes! according to my older son)?  No matter which way you decide, the fun is thinking about the power of imagination in the middle of happy, sandy memories. A perfect bedtime choice!


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