Friday, February 10, 2012

Rustic Paper Heart Wreath

This simple and sweet Valentine's Heart wreath was a pinterest find. I fell in love with it and searched my heart out (bad pun intended) for the original poster and directions. Alas, I spent a couple of hours searching and never did find the original post. Along the reposts though, I had a great time enjoying new crafty inspiration. So, I'd have to figure this one out myself or not at all. This post is to share what I learned in case any of you want to try it, too!

First I gathered a handful of green twigs.  Line them up to match similar sizes and colors, then trim to similar lengths.

Use thin gauge wire to wrap two of the stems together.

Bend the other end of the stems down toward the bottom to make the heart shape and wire together.

Take a length of wire and attach it to the bottom end of the heart. Loop the other end over the top notch of the heart and tighten, wrapping around the notch when the desired shape is reached.

I added two side wires to get the heart to lay flat. The original heart wreath doesn't have any wires, but I'm still satisfied with this look, the wires are so thin they're hardly visible. Maybe the wood will dry out this way and the wires can be removed later?

Now it is time for the mini paper heart decorations!

I cut out a bunch of hearts from scraps I had.  I'll post a template if anyone else doesn't have a heart punch...  :)

I cut white backs for the hearts...

Then glued the wire stems between the backs and colored fronts.

Finally, bend the paper hearts along the midline and twist the wire stems onto the twig heart.

Happy Heart Day!  Can you feel the love?


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