Sunday, September 4, 2011

Pirate Felt Finger Puppets: Talk Like a Pirate Craft

Yo ho!  Talk like a pirate day anyone?  These cute little pirates make great reading buddies!  Put them on a pencil or your finger and they are all set for a good story!

There are a lot of pieces for these guys so you may need an early start or a long road trip to get a good batch of these.  A package of small gold rings from the jewelry supply section of your craft store make a great addition.  Add plastic tooth pick swords for a fun an original party favor!

How-to tip: cut the slit to make legs after puppet is sewn together-- more forgiving when lining the pieces up.

For a sweet treet to go along with these, check out Simple Girl's Pirate Pops!  Just darling, and edible, too!

Pirate Finger Puppet Pattern

Need a pirate story to go with it? After Kim Kennedy's pirate series, don't forget George Ella Lyon's, The Pirate of Kindergarten for a non-traditional pirate story... a girl doesn't know she has double vision until she goes through screening at school. She wears a patch for awhile for sight therapy.  All kids should have a chance to hear this story!  Generate empathy for others and appreciation for the gift of sight!

Then there's Gingerbread Pirates, by Kristin Kladstrup and Matt Tavares.  What creativity!  When the child goes to sleep at night, the pirate cookies come alive.  Watch out for Santa!  I won't tell you any more so the end will remain a surprise for you... just know that it does have a happy ending.  :)

Last but NOT least, the boys in my house highly recommend Melinda Long and David Shannon's How I Became a Pirate.  The story covers pirate shenanigans in a friendly and imaginative way, as they capture a soccer player and adopt him as crew.  Do pirates brush their teeth? Do they eat vegetables?  What about pajamas?  These and many other questions are tackled in fun to read prose, perfect for inspiring sweet pirate dreams.  Shannon's illustrations make this a must read many times story, for there is always something more to behold in the details!


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