Sunday, June 19, 2011

Spy Party: Make Your Own Secret Agent Tool Belts

The number one thing my secret agent wanted for his party was: a SPY BELT full of tools!

The best deal on supplies came from Amazon, where I picked up 1" webbing, buckles, and triglides (the little plastic things that hold the free end of the belt in place).  Even with shipping, it was cheaper than my local fabric store and WAY easier to buy in bulk.  I found stiff black fabric for the pouches at the craft store.  It was simple to sew on the buckles and make a couple Velcro closed pouches for holding essential gear, like flashlights and magnifying glasses.  Don't save the velcro attachment for the last minute-- needs 24 hours for the glue to achieve full strength!

To make the marshmallow shooter holder, I bent edges of fabric over and sewed them to make strips. Then cut the strips into pieces small enough to 1) fit around the belt and 2) fit around the marshmallow shooter.  Sew the two pieces together in an "+" shape, then sew the belt loop closed.  Add the glue-on Velcro and you're done!


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