Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Spy Party Game 8: Diffuse the BOMB!!!

From the word clues in their ice cubes, the spies figured out that there was another, "REAL" bomb hidden in another room.  A quick search and they found it hidden under a table (how to make a bomb pinata here).
After securing the pull string pinata,  the secret agents were instructed that they would take turns.  Each spy pulled their ribbon complete out to see if that is the one that would explode (open) the bomb!

Tension mounted!  Blue wire, red wire, or will it be the polka-dots?

The spy gear loot:  road kill gummy candy, spy rear-view glasses (for safety!), and a bag containing a half cup of marshmallows, rules of the marshmallow gun game to come, and a puzzle piece.  It took the spies a few extra seconds to find the puzzle piece and figure out that they had one more thing to find-- pieces to construct their own marshmallow shooters!

The rear view glasses are cool!  See the mirror paint at the outside edges? This is where you can look back behind you to see what's happening.  Takes a bit of practice, but fun for Mom, too!

The Agents eventually figured out that they'd need to put a puzzle together to find the pieces for their marshmallow shooters.  The map led to a hiding place in the back yard.

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