Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Patriotic Leapin' Uncle Sam! An Independence Day Paper Craft

These patriotic leapin' fellas are sure to bring a smile any place they hang!  A free template follows the directions. Happy 4th of July, everyone! 

paper (red, white, blue, black)
poster board or other stiff paper for backing
white paint (eyes)
markers (for eyes and mouth)
scissors, hole punch, & glue (rubber cement)
ruler (optional, for making striped paper)
brass brad fasteners
embroidery floss
beads (optional decoration for pull string)

How to's
1) Print out template below and cut out pieces.

2) Trace template pieces to paper and cut out.

3)  I made striped paper by using a white sharpie marker and a ruler. However, it would certainly be easier if you had striped paper already!  The white marker has a wide tip which makes drawing stripes challenging.  Paint would work too, with a steady hand.  Of course, plain red pants would work fine. Or, a different pattern!  I had the pen on hand from trying different methods to trace patterns onto dark felt (a reject!).

 4)  Glue pieces together. My favorite glue for this kind of paper craft is rubber cement.  Use an eraser to rub off any extra!

5)  My favorite way to make eyes on paper crafts is to dot a Q-tip (cotton swab) in white paint.  You could also glue on white hole punch remains as an alternative.

6)  Use colored markers to add eyes (sharpie!) and mouth.  For the hat brim, I tried a ribbon on some and the red striped paper on others. 

7) Use a hole punch to put holes in places indicated on the template.

8)  Insert brass fasteners through body, then lower hole on legs and arms.  Don't push the fasteners too tight or the legs/arms won't move freely.

9) Align legs and arms in a relaxed/resting position. Tie arms together with a small piece of embroidery floss. Repeat for legs.

10)  Connect the leg string to the arm string, leaving a length of floss at the bottom as a pull string.  I  cut a length of floss and knotted it to the leg string first. Then connected that to the arm string.  Lastly, I tied red, white, and blue pony beads to the bottom of the floss for a pull "handle."

11)  Add a hole and loop of floss to the hat for hanging.  Pull on the string to make Uncle Sam dance!   


Jumping Uncle Sam
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